Drew Flohn

Mr. Andrew Flohn has over 20 years of experience as a heavy equipment operator and truck driver. He utilizes the heavy equipment provided by the NJ State Mosquito Control Commission for water management projects, the goal of which is to eliminate or reduce standing water serving as habitat for immature mosquitoes. Construction of drainage swales, removal of stream blockages and tire collections are some of the projects Mr. Flohn works on in addition to access clearing to allow entry of staff members into areas to inspect and treat both for larval and adult mosquitoes.

Drew brings practical knowledge of diverse work site situations to the Commission. His mechanical and operator abilities paired with his resourceful nature make him a valued staff member. His varied skills are put to use within the Commission's integrated programs.

Mr. Flohn is a licensed pesticide applicator in the State of New Jersey and assists with inspections of known mosquito breeding habitat sites in the spring and fall, when seasonal employees are not available and also assists with inspections and larviciding during the summer after exceptionally heavy rainfalls. Mr. Flohn also participates with the aerial larviciding program, assisting with the transportation and loading of larvicides used for treating large areas mosquito breeding habitat.