Stephanie Oliphant

Ms. Stephanie Oliphant began working for the Commission on August 19, 2013 as the fulltime Wetlands Specialist. She graduated from Delaware Valley College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science in May 2013. Her studies included specialized classes, such as land surveying, that were of particular interest to the Commission. Ms. Oliphant also brings in depth knowledge of stormwater compliance measures with her from previous employment. Since beginning work at the Commission, she has been attending Continuing Professional Education courses at Rutgers State University. Stephanie enjoys being outdoors, riding horses, hiking, and bird watching. Ms. Oliphant's major duties involve water management projects that reduce the need for pesticide use throughout the county. She works with the Heavy Equipment Operator to maintain freshwater wetland areas of human origin as needed for mosquito control. Maintenance duties include removal of accumulated sediment, debris, nuisance vegetation, fallen trees and branches, or other blockages that produce stagnant water conditions. The ultimate goal of these projects is to create an inhospitable environment for mosquito larvae and pupae by the simple and natural method of restoring water flow. This provides a much longer term solution and reduces the need for pesticide applications. A significant portion of Ms. Oliphant's job includes inspections of stormwater management facilities. If not properly maintained, they have a tendency to turn into larval mosquito habitats. If a facility is found to be in need of maintenance or repair, she will contact the owner of the facility with specific tasks that should be incorporated into a regular maintenance schedule. Additionally, Ms. Oliphant assists with inspections of known mosquito breeding habitat sites in the spring and fall when seasonal employees are not available. Ms. Oliphant is currently licensed with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to perform pesticide applications. Tire collection, brush clearing, and public education are a few other activities Ms. Oliphant works on in collaboration with other Commission members.