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San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control

Learn about mosquito control in California . Color and cut-out mosquito activity pages. Also links to past issues to an all kid's newsletter about mosquitoes and other vectors.

Printable coloring pages for a variety of insects, including mosquitoes.

Colorado's state and local health departments

Fight the Bite Colorado - Kid's Education Page. Fun facts, games, and other kid's links.

Activity Sheets- Downloadable

Coloring Sheets

Mosquito Fish


Activity Sheets

Find the Mosquito Habitats

Name the Mosquito Parts 

Mosquito Crossword Puzzle
Mosquito Word Search

Mosquito Word Find

Mosquito Scramble
Mosquito Word Unscramble

Mosquito Dot to Dot

Mosquito Dot to Dot 2
Mosquito Fish Dot to Dot

Mosquito Patrol Sheet