Water Management


Water Management Project- December

Many water management activities take place in the winter. Timing restrictions enforced by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection based on trout streams, endangered and threatened species and/or high populations of sensitive species do not allow major water management projects to take place all year long. Many times there is only a small window of opportunity so working throughout the fall and winter are essential. 

Lack of vegetation, the semi-frozen ground and less water at this time of the year are all benefits of performing water management work in the winter. Each of these factors allows for more precise work to be done at the site. 


Hand cleaning of drainage structures takes place after leaves drop in the fall. 


Rivers with blockages, streams with beaver dams, and ditches that are in need of maintenance can be easily accessed without the thick vegetation of the summer months. Brush clearing of routinely inspected water management sites is done in the winter when vegetation is more manageable.

In the office, permit packets are assembled for the following year's water management projects. Year end summaries of projects, complaint responses and equipment use are assembled in the winter. 

Maintenance and repairs of Heavy Equipment also is arranged to take place (if possible) during times when snow or inclement weather prohibits work outdoors. 


Major repair work on bulldozer 




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