Winter Activities

winter1.gifA question often asked of Mosquito Control workers is what activities take place in the winter time. First of all, what most people are unaware of is that the active mosquito season extends from the hatching of the first larvae in the cold waters of late winter (the earliest documented in Warren County prior to 2006 is February 11th ) to the adult mosquitoes that persist into the late fall (October and even November) in addition to some mosquitoes that over winter as adults in protected places and generate complaints on warm winter days when these       mosquitoes leave those protected areas and take flight. 

The active mosquito season is devoted to surveillance and control activities, while winter time is utilized for recording what took place during the active season and planning/preparing for the next. In addition there are some control related activities that are best done in the weeks after leaves have fallen and can continue through the winter months.

Included in this section are samples of the kind of work done during the winter season.

WCMEC file photo